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What Kind Of Instrument Effect Of Removing Scar?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

As mentioned above, the scars are the wounds after which the skin initiates a normal wound repair mechanism, after which collagen and protein are reshaped to form scars. The usual way to get rid of scars is very difficult, because the average method is difficult to act on the dermis, it is difficult for dermal collagen and protein play a role.

Lattice laser treatment instrument is a beauty instrument for skin reconstruction, its main principle of treatment is the role of the laser lattice mode laser treatment site to produce a certain amount of thermal coagulation, a large number of thermal effects, the formation of a diameter of about 0.12mm micro A small hole, the role of the depth of about 2-4mm, after the heat bridges between holes, start the skin wound repair mechanism, in the process of aging collagen is accelerated metabolism, a substantial increase in new collagen, the dermis of the skin get Reconstruction, scars disappear, wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes delicate.

Other scar treatment equipment, because of the depth of action is not enough, it is difficult to achieve the effect of collagen remodeling, scar treatment therefore limited, some of the common market scar treatment products actually more difficult to see results. The above is the effective content of scar removal instrument, if you are interested to know you can check our product center or contact us.

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