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What Freckle Equipment
- Jan 22, 2018 -

After the summer of ultraviolet rays, stain easily deepened, the medical profession is generally believed that winter, is a good period of treatment of pigmentation, due to the formation of pigmentation and UV damage, the winter is very conducive to summer ultraviolet radiation caused by skin and other spots Fix the problem. So what are freckle instruments? Acer Xiaobian today take you to find out:

Traditional freckle creams, herbs, Chinese medicine, etc., can no longer get rid of facial stains, beauty salons and more use of advanced freckle equipment for customers to solve skin problems. Freckle instrument laser freckle instrument, e light freckle instrument, dot matrix freckle instrument and other equipment. Q-switched Q-laser freckle instrument using the principle of photodisruption, through ultra-short ultra-pulse time, the laser can instantly penetrate the epidermis of the skin to reach the skin deep, so that the pigment particles within the skin instantly smash, crushed pigment particles will be giant Phagocytosis, slowly excreted.

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