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Ultrasound Knife Wrinkle Anti-aging Equipment
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Everyone will appear wrinkles with age, especially the face, make the face looks a lot older, but also increase the psychological burden on people. Ultrasound knife device is currently very popular anti-wrinkle anti-aging equipment, anti-wrinkle effect is not only good and more secure.

Ultrasonic knife instrument is the use of ultrasonic focusing principle, in the form of non-invasive immobile knife to reach the past, only the surgical skin can reach the SMAS layer (that is, fascia layer), resulting in nearly 10,000 coagulation points, so that collagen, fibrous mediastinal produce Immediately shrinks and stimulates a large number of newborn collagen and restructuring, the construction of a new collagen fiber network, from the bottom of the skin to enhance skin elasticity. Ultrasonic knife equipment to stimulate a large number of new collagen and restructuring, heal wrinkles, let the skin restore elasticity, become delicate and shiny.

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