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Permanent Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Device
- Jan 22, 2018 -

(1) laser hair removal will not leave a scar, there is no side effects. The traditional method of hair removal, hair removal after prone to cause pigmentation, inflammation of the skin, and the laser penetrates the skin deep, normal skin tissue rarely absorb laser, will not be damaged, it will not leave scars and pigmentation.

(2) Laser hair removal instrument fast and efficient, does not affect people's lives and work. Semiconductor laser hair removal caused by spot design square spot, you can quickly slide for large area hair removal, faster, improve efficiency, eliminating the formation of the traditional laser circular spot treatment of overlapping dead zone.

(3) laser hair removal instrument to protect the epidermis from damage. First-class hair removal effect required by the laser pulse time and the thickness of the hair, the longer the laser hair longer laser action time, laser hair removal laser pulse light time from 10 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds to obtain the desired effect of hair removal at the same time, Can effectively protect the epidermis from heat damage.

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