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Laser To Red Blood Treatment Instrument To The Red Blood Laser Equipment
- Jan 22, 2018 -

We first look at what is redness, redness is not the skin thinning, but the result of facial telangiectasia, often occurs in people's cheeks, nose on both sides of the patient's appearance had a serious impact. Severe redness may affect the entire face, may also lead to other diseases, giving people a greater psychological burden, a direct impact on people's lives and work.

Laser to red blood treatment device using foreign fiber optic technology to specific wavelength fiber energy, the use of directional conduction patented MAX directional targeting of capillaries, capillary instant intravascular hemoglobin crushed, transformed into small molecules are organized Absorption, expansion of the capillary instantaneous contraction, coagulation, the original root see the redness disappeared immediately.

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