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Laser Freckle Equipment Freckle-specific Equipment
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Q-switched laser beauty instrument is a very popular laser freckle instrument, the main use of the principle of photodisruption to achieve, high-energy laser emission spots to reach the pigment site, the plaque heat expansion broken into pigment particles, some of the pigment particles directly Excreted through the epidermis, the other part of the macrophages phagocytosed with the human lymph circulation excreted, pigment spots gradually reduced or even disappear, and thus achieve the purpose of freckle. Laser freckle will not damage the normal skin tissue, it will not leave scars, is relatively safe.

Laser freckle instrument for treatment, each treatment time is relatively short, half an hour or even ten minutes to complete. After each treatment, the skin should have a natural absorption of the metabolic process, so the treatment interval is generally 2-3 months. According to the size of the stain, the number and depth, and some treatment once or twice to achieve the desired effect, usually takes 4-6 times to solve the problem. Laser freckle process, the United States will have the same feeling of acupuncture, but most people can endure, do not need to use ma drunk.

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