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Beauty Salon Hair Removal Freckle Beauty Instrument
- Jan 22, 2018 -

e light beauty equipment to achieve hair removal at the same time, can also remove annoying spots, is a more practical multi-functional beauty instrument. e light beauty instrument set IPL technology, RF technology and epidermis cooling technology as one of the intelligent system, IPL strong pulsed light can penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicle tissue or pigment organization, in which melanin selective absorption of different wavelengths of light, light energy Into heat, synergy to achieve hair removal and freckle function.

E light beauty instrument is not like laser beauty instrument is a single wavelength of light, in addition to hair removal freckle, but also to redness, acne and skin rejuvenation, skin effect is very good. Hair removal freckle machine in the treatment of freckles is a powerful advantage, efficiency and effectiveness are stronger than other beauty equipment. For hair removal, it is painless and permanent for hair removal, pain may be stronger than for semiconductor laser hair removal devices, but it is within the normal range that people can afford.

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