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Beauty Salon Hair Removal Equipment Which
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Now the hair removal equipment is very much, many beauty salons will choose to buy hair removal device at this time, because it is the best time to hair removal, this time is the best, and the use of hair removal equipment is becoming more and more common, Xuzhou Hengda Institute of Technology production and sale of a variety of hair removal equipment, in the end what is good, Xiao Bian to introduce.

The most professional hair removal instrument devaluation 808 semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal instrument, the reason is called the freezing point painless because the use of the 808nm laser is currently internationally recognized as the most suitable for a hair removal laser, both in the treatment of penetration depth Or in the treatment of energy are far ahead of the size of other types of equipment a street ah, because of this 808 semiconductor hair removal instrument single hair removal effect is best, which eventually led to the lowest number of hair removal (we know that hair is a growth cycle , We can not get rid of all hair at once. At present, the most advanced instrument in the world is also more than 3 times, so when we see some beauty instrument manufacturers publicize it and remove it, we know it is absolutely a lie.

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