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What are the daily skin care precautions?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

This is very important! Because the stain is most afraid of the sun. Sun exposure or X-ray, ultraviolet radiation can trigger the disease and exacerbate it. Even fluorescent lamps for interior lighting are also aggravating stains by exciting ultraviolet light, so it is considered that stains are a physical damage skin disease. Sun exposure can increase the activity of melanin resulting in epidermal base melanin content increased, stain formation. Adequate sun exposure in summer, frequent mottling, increased the number of spots, deepening of color, greater damage; less sun exposure in winter, the number of spots to reduce the color fades, damage reduced. This shows that the sun is a necessary factor for the occurrence of stain, so patients should try to avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in the summer.

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