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Pico-second laser advantage where
- Jan 22, 2018 -

① shorter time, faster. It is much faster than the traditional nanosecond laser, the benefits of faster: its instantaneous destruction of melanin stronger, and the residence time is short, it is the lower the thermal damage to the skin.

② hive lens allows more focused energy. Concentration of energy, the pigment is shattered by picosecond laser particles are more easily absorbed metabolism, and the hive lens will stimulate collagen regeneration, so there is repair scar, dilute the effect of wrinkles.

③ unique wavelength, sweep "black" good effect. The unique advantages of the wavelength is: remove melanin obvious effect, can shorten the treatment times, high safety. For example, those color tattoos, the doctor said can not afford to, but the picosecond laser can die, it is the original intention of research and development to remove the tattoo-based.

④ not easy to hurt the skin. Very short pulse, light can not be too late into heat, almost no thermal effects, so do not accumulate thermal damage, not easy to hurt the skin and tissues.

⑤ do not worry about anti-black effect. Traditional laser is the heat damage melanin, will cause the wound even anti-black, and now picosecond laser is the use of 755nm laser, high-speed collision and pressure on the skin, shattered melanin, melanin excretion by metabolism, wounds. Picosecond laser through the honeycomb instant lens, laser light redistribution, but also can promote collagen hyperplasia, the treatment of pores fine lines effect.

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