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Lattice laser treatment of stretch marks it?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

Stretch marks witness the beautiful transformation of a mother, but also became the enemy of the beautiful road mother, stretch marks are many mothers and postpartum mothers trouble.

Stretch marks generally appear under the umbilical in pregnant women, pubic area, is some pink or purple irregular cracks. These streaks will gradually shrink after the production of pregnant women, become silver-white, the final skin becomes loose.

Stretch marks in essence, there are three main problems:

First, the loss of pigment, so that the appearance of stretch marks appear white cord-like appearance, is the main reason affecting the appearance of the abdomen;

Second, varying degrees of skin atrophy, the skin showed a wrinkled paper appearance;

Third, the fracture of collagen fibers. Therefore, the primary treatment aims to restore the normal color of the skin, followed by the crepe-like appearance of the stretch marks to be eliminated.

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