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How to identify the authenticity of hyaluronic acid
- Jan 22, 2018 -

1, see the packaging, many fake hyaluronic acid packaging are not formal, there are Italian production, produced in France, origin variety, in fact, only two kinds of hyaluronic acid approved by our country, one is Swedish production of Swiss blue, the other is Domestic Yat-beauty, if consumers are not sure about the packaging identification, then there is a way is to visit the State Food and Drug Administration website, check the product lot number, through the formal channels of hyaluronic acid, are on the site for the record, a check know.

2, look at the solvent state, hyaluronic acid molecular weight is small, is water-based, rubbing feel very delicate, rub slowly disappear after a few times slowly; However, Ogilvy & Mather obvious large particles, jelly-like, Difficult to quickly disappear after solidification; and silica gel is an oil agent, rub up and feel oily.

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