Silicone Face Cleanser And Massager Brush

Silicone Face Cleanser And Massager Brush

Package 1 x Facial Cleansing Brush 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Wireless Charging Base 1 x User Manual

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Product Details

Silicone Face Cleanser and Massager Brush

What is it for?

Deeply cleanse all the dirt on your skin, exfoliate cuticle and dull the facial complexion. It helps to reduce the size of skin pores, by cleaning out the extra oils and debris. Finer liners and wrinkles appear diminished. The soft bristles massage the facial muscles without irritation, improving blood circulation to stimulate new and healthy skin cell renewal.


How top the quality is?

It cannot be easier to wash the Powered Facial Cleansing Device, and you will never worry about the safety when using in the bathroom since it is IPX8 water-resistant. There is a smart reminder function, three minutes auto shut off, in case excessive clean resulting over-dried skin and had premature aging problem.

Why so special?

Pick it up to use and put it down to the wireless sensor charger to charge, no batteries needed. It has 2 modes and 5 vibration speeds.

Cleaning Mode: Help to clean every inch of facial skin and removes make-up, dirt, oil from pores. Relief Mode: Relax facial skin by promoting blood circulation and relief fatigue. Easy to renew your skin texture.



Silicone brush added charcoal powder, has good adsorption and cleaning capabilities, effective removal of dirt, dead skin cells, unclogs of dirt, oil, and makeup residue .Combined with your cleanser,the skin cleaning can be achieved fast and effectively.


One side for cleansing and the other side for massaging your face. It will increase the absorption capacity of the skin, make the nutrition component more easily absorbed, promote the skin rosy gloss.Silicone brush is non-porous, can prevent bacterial accumulation, safety and health, suitable for normal and sensitive skin.


Waterproof body design,IPX7 waterproof rating, safe and reliable.Wireless charging, just put the machine on the wireless charging base, the base charging port connected usb data cable, you can charge.

Product Name

Wireless charging Facial Cleansing Brush

Charging input

 DC 5V

Silicone-based material

Soft and gentle to skin

Dual-functioned brush

Deep cleaning and massage

Waterproof Level


Unite size




Battery Capacity


Charging time

3 ~ 4 hours

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