Wireless Portable Ultrasound Probe Machine

Wireless Portable Ultrasound Probe Machine

6 in 1 LED RF Mesotherapy Clean&Care Beauty Instrument Item Name: EMS & RF Beauty Apparatus Use Time: 10mins/time Charging Time: 3 Hours Standby Time: 40 Days Input Voltage: DC5V Vibration: 7500Hz Power Supply: Charging by USB

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Product Details

Wireless portable ultrasound probe machine 

Product features

Face lifting, Anti wrinkle, Anti aging, Skin tightening, Lead-in nutrition

Great for blemishes, wrinkles, age/dark spots on face or hands and more

Non-surgical RF therapy machine radiofrequency energy works with your body, remodeling your collagen to help your skin get that smooth feel and youthful look you want

Moisturized and lotions are encourage to be used with the device

RF Face Lifting Anti-wrinkle &Aging 4 in 1 Beauty Care Device

6 kinds of led light function
Model 1: Pink light Wavelength: 415nm. Skin whitening, suit for dark skin
Model 2: Pink flashing light. Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear and whiter
Model 3: Red light Wavelength: 620nm . Make skin more brigh , more elastic
Model 4: Yellow light Wavelength: 590nm . Detoxification, Make the skin more healthy
Model 5: Blue light Wavelength: 465nm. Stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.
Model 6: Green light: Wavelength: 520nm. Enhance the absorption of beauty fluid, and make the skin more clear 

Carer 5 in 1 wrinkle remove machine is a excellent daily skin care device which can help you- wrinkle removal, Skin Renewal, Skin Lifting and Collagen rebuilding, reducing Pore, Increase Skin elasticity.


Use the technology of LED Photon, RF Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic & Vibrations to give you a healthier looking, and improve the absorption, never waste your money of SKIN CARE.


4 Conductive Metal Head and LED Photon improve your face conditions.The total power capability over 10 W which twice times than other machine. Thus, of course, the result and rate of treatment must better and faster.


5 different color of LED light adopts special strong pulse light filling technology restore your skin separately.The efficacy can go deep into derma 2-2.5mm, increase the activity of collagen makes your skin firm and elastic.


LCD screen can easily read our the data and convenient to understand; With special Charging stand, you don’t worry miss the charging device.

RF Warm Therapy +EMS+Methoporation+Electroporation+LED Light Therapy Portable Facial Massager Machine


Make cell tissue activity, Stimulate blood and lymph make virtuous circulation, irritating to the skin, increase the skin's internal secretion motility, take care from deep skin, improve wrinkles, color spots, acne and sagging skin effectively


Effective on collagen boosting, elastic stimulating, restructure collagen and tender skin with accumulating using. Skin firming,wrinkle removal, skin tightening,face lift, anti aging Item Ship from China, It may take 7-12 days to arrive ---High Quality


Eliminate facial edema,remove double chins,and shape beauty face. Down spots,make skin balance and white. Remove pouch and black under eyes.

1、Before using the product for the first time, you need to charge the device
2、If the indicator light still does not illuminate after charging for 10 seconds, please check if the power cord is plugged in
3、Please use after washing or after removing makeup. Apply a beauty liquid before use to keep your face moist
4、Please don't use this device around the eyes while wearing contact lenses
5、Cannot be used while charging
6、Please don't rinse the body with water. To prevent damage to the case and accessories, wipe it off with a soft cloth. If there are skin care products, wipe it with a damp cloth
7、In use, if the skin or body feels abnormal, stop using it immediately.
8、If you encounter any problems during your use, you can contact our customer service at any time. We will contact you as soon as possible, and do not open the device without permission.

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