Blackhead Pore Pimple Extractor Suction Device

Blackhead Pore Pimple Extractor Suction Device

The latest generation blackhead extractor has more powerful suction and deeper clean your skin. Specially treat stubborn blackhead and whitehead, remove dead skin, oil and make-up residue, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin.

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Product Details

                           Blackhead Pore pimple extractor suction device

[5 Levels Adjustable Suction] The blackhead remover has 5 adjustable vacuum suction to meet the different requirements. 1~2 mild suction level is for sensitive and dry skin and first time use with the small hole beauty head. 3 middle suction level is for neutral skin, 4 high suction level is for oily skin and 5 strong suction level is for mixed skin with big hole head. Oval head is for the corner of eye and nose. Microdermabrasion head is for removing dead skin and kertain.

[4 Replaceable Suction Heads] With large round hole head x1, small round hole head x1, oval head x1, microcrystalline probe head x1, the blackhead remover can clean your face, cleanse the pores deep, remove blackheads, dead skin cells, dirt and oil, reduce fine lines. The impurities and dust particles in the pores are effectively removed, leaving your skin looking clean, healthy and radiant.

Easy Safe to Use】 Lightweight and compact, portable for home and travel use. Easy to replace suction head and clean, built-in rechargeable battery and USB power adapter, fast charge with the 800MAH lithium battery. You do not have to buy or change a battery. Fully charged for 3 hours can be used up to 10 hours. Once fully charged, you could use for 3 weeks.

Unique Design】 This blackhead remover comes with a corresponding LED indicator that controls the intensity and battery power. You can see the intensity and battery indicator on the LED screen, better to control the level of skin care. In the meantime, high-end package is a great choice to send as a gift to your family and friends.


Product name

Blackhead Remover Vacuum



Working current


Input Voltage


Suction power


Charging time

about 3 hours





Battery Working Time

9 hours

Battery Capacity


Use Directions

Step 1: Remove all makeup and wash your face. You can also take a bath, use a facial steamer or apply a hot towel to facial skin to enlarge pores.


Step 2: Attach the desired attachment probe to the cleanser. Test the cleanser and its suction strength on your hand before using it on your face


Step 3: Start with the lowest suction level. Move the cleanser across the surface of the skin in one direction.


Step 4: When finished, clean your face with cold water. You can also apply a cold towel, a facial mask or moisturizing cream to shrink pores.

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