Ultrasonic Galvanic Ionic Dark Circles Rf Beauty Equipment

Ultrasonic Galvanic Ionic Dark Circles Rf Beauty Equipment

5 functions for pampering skin care 1 Deeply compact your skin and shrink pores. 2 Face-lift and remove deep wrinkles, grooming facial contours, remove double-chin. 3 Activate collagen cells, increase skin elasticity and luster. 4 Fade fine lines and spots to remove dark circles under the eyes. 5 Whitening and rejuvenation.

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Product Details

Intelligent RF thermal lift device is highly safety to human , no invasive,no rebound ,no pain during the operation.


RF facial tightening device can dilute melanin and remove cutin effectively to promote skin luster , then the skin will becomes more soft, healthy and fresh.


RF anti-aging facial device helps to absorb skin-care products effectively - Open the pores Instantly with special electrical impulses to form channels for active ingredients, enabling the essence of skin-care products to be absorbed completely when penetrate the dermis directly.

Lithium battery power - full of electricity can be used 3-4 hours continuously , we recommend that  use 20 minutes each time.

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