Hydra Clean Facial Machine

Hydra Clean Facial Machine

Why so special? Pick it up to use and put it down to the wireless sensor charger to charge, no batteries needed. It has 2 modes and 5 vibration speeds.

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Product Details

Hydra clean facial machine


About the product

DEEP & SOFT CLEANSING. This facial cleansing brush can effectively remove cosmetics residues, cutin, dead skin cells, acnes and dark head and diminish pores. New dual-core W-SONIC vertical skin sonic pulsation technology can release 8000 sound waves per minute. With 5 adjustable strengths, it is suitable for different ages and skin types.


SOOTHING WRINKLES. the skin cleansing system works by gently directing lower-frequency pulsations on wrinkle-prone area to help diminish the visible signs of aging, increase the blood circulation, increase the absorption of skin products,lift and firm your face.


SPECIALLY DESIGN FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. The updated brush hair is softer. It is 5.2mm long, with a diameter of 1.2mm. It is as gentle as hands, but the cleaning effect increases tenfold. It is suitable for sensitive skin type. Medical grade silica gel can strongly resist bacteria, and brush head designed for T zone can effectively remove grease and stains, giving you a dustless and cool feeling.


WIRELESS CHARGING & SUPER LONG STANDBY TIME. It is available for 300 minutes by charging for Two hours. Brand new inductive type charging and seamless assembly truly realize IPX6 water resistance and guarantee safe use. High-quality rechargeable lithium battery supports super long use. Small size makes it convenient for carrying when traveling or going on a business trip.

What is it for?

Deeply cleanse all the dirt on your skin, exfoliate cuticle and dull the facial complexion. It helps to reduce the size of skin pores, by cleaning out the extra oils and debris. Finer liners and wrinkles appear diminished. The soft bristles massage the facial muscles without irritation, improving blood circulation to stimulate new and healthy skin cell renewal.

How top the quality is?

It cannot be easier to wash the Powered Facial Cleansing Device, and you will never worry about the safety when using in the bathroom since it is IPX6 water-resistant. There is a smart reminder function, three minutes auto shut off, in case excessive clean resulting over-dried skin and had premature aging problem.

Product Specifications:


Unit size: 88.5*116*89MM

Low speed 2: 3900 RPM

Low speed 1: 5000 RPM

Medium speed: 6150 RPM

High speed 1: 7400 RPM

High speed 2: 8000 RPM

Voltage: 3.9V


Working power: ≤0.45W 

Working current: 20-100mAh

Net weight: 120g

Gross weight: 320g

Charging time: 2 hours

Working time: 5 hours

How to use
1. press the switch button,press the "+" and "-" key to adjust the appropriate frequency,with facial cleanser to clean the entire face.

2.After cleaning the face,use the back of the product sonic corrugated silicone contacts for the eyebrows, eye tail area, before the lips of the site, slowly moving the skin , can promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue. Starting from the side face, slowly in the cheeks, nose, forehead to circular motion. Each area clean about 15 seconds.

3.After use,turn off the power, rinse with water, then dry with a light towel.


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