Rechargeable Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Rechargeable Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Sonic Skin Cleanser takes spatula infusion for facial exfoliation, lifting spa massanger treatment for facial sikn with it's ultrasonic skin scrubber.Gentle vibrating peel works for anti-age skin rejuvenation and dermabrasion. New type facial skin cleaner with Ionic function nutrition leading-in and facial dirt leading-out, effective for skin-whitening and pore cleansing.

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Product Details

Rechargeable ultrasonic skin scrubber 

1.Soft Peel & Cleansing Mode:The device produces about 25kHz ultrasonic and when it meets water the bubble jet phenomenon is occurred in the water molecule.The bubble jet penetrates to inside a stratum corneum and separates it from stratum lucidum.Ultrasonic helps remove dead skin cells and blackhead off your skin in a gentle way,and you skin will be very smooth after cleansing. 

2.Nutrition Mode:The device helps to absorb nutrients such as Vitamin C and mineral ingredients.So when you treat in this mode,it is effective to apple cosmetics as whitening cream which contains Vitamin C,retinol,or tocopherol. 

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Efficient-This blackhead suction remover has 4 adjustable suction power levels can deal with different skins and parts,so that you can choose the most suitable power to effectively suck out all the nose blackheads and acnes without hurt your skin.

USB charge & Waterproof-This blackhead remover tool is made of high quality ABS material, using non-invasive and non-irritating vacuum suction technology.It also support USB charging and waterproof make it very convenient to use and charge.

Safety precautions: 

1.Patients hacing infectious,heart failure,abnormal blood pressure,skin disorder or skin diseases need to consult with a medical specialist before using this product. 

2.If you are using any medical supplies or having peeling skin,consult your dermatologist before using this device. 

3.Keep this product away from water and fire. 

4.Do not use this appliance near bathtubs,showers,basins or other vessels containing water.

How to use

Facial Cleansing: Switch to the Cleansing mode and attach the purple silicone case, apply cleanser directly to moistened skin, and glide the spatula across your face.


Pore Cleansing: Still Cleansing mode and dettach the green silicone case. Like any skin scrubber, hold the Rocklean position down at a
30-degree angle, slide the spatula across the surface of your wet skin.


Moisturizing: Switch to Moisturizing mode. Keeping your hand on the side metal strip, flip the Rocklean over and gently glide the flat side of the spatula across the skin.


Facial Lifting: Switch to Lifting mode and attach the green silicone case, massage your face with other skin care products(thinner one is preffered)

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